Briana Walker is an unforgettable presenter inspiring individuals for higher achievement and more focused living by choosing to Dance Anyway!

Briana was one of the most dynamic speakers that we have ever had!
— Helen M. Bramlett, President, National Neurotrauma Society
I found Briana’s story astonishing and life-changing, especially her incredible ability to command the attention of her audience.
— Sean Ewing, Chairman of Assisteens Tustin Chapter
She brought many of us to tears, yet left us feeling hopeful and motivated to deal with whatever challenges may come our way.
— Dave Southern, OC Human Relations
A polished speaker who tells her remarkable story with just the right combination of humor mixed with seriousness, and narrative mixed with motivational advice. She will have you laughing one moment and crying the next. After 45 minutes of listening to her speak, we were still begging for more.
— Jim McFerson, Councilman
Our conference attendees were moved by her spirit, drive and initiative, that is what makes Briana such a dynamic person that you will not soon forget.
— Cindy Turner, Loma Linda University
Her contagious spirit and positive outlook on life was inspiring to say the least. We could use her every week!
— Ryan Edwards, Legacy Auto
“Briana was really quite funny throughout her presentation. She helped us all realize that you can’t take adversity too serious; you have to learn to see the light and happiness in things.”
— Bishop Andrew Dixon, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


  • Overcoming Adversity

  • Personal Attitude

  • Goal Setting

  • Courage

  • Perseverance