Lights! Break Camera! Action!

OK, so it has been awhile since my last blog. I have been on the road doing the Rise Above US Bicycle Tour. Today is the first day I have been able to blog with an internet connection. I began my portion of the tour in Salt Lake City. We have done a couple speaking engagements; one at the Tri-County Independent Living Center in Ogden and the other at the University Rehab Hospital in Salt Lake City. We have a great crew put together and it makes the message of promoting the power of possibility so much more powerful. 

I apologize but I am unable to upload photos to my blog from this computer so as for now you will have to use your imagination. I will be sure to post some as soon as I am able.

We have done some media with FOX 13 news and with my luck in the middle of the news segment I roll over the camera cords with my hand cycle (under the direction of the camera guy) and my hand cycle caught the cords and I pulled the camera off the tripod and it went slamming to the concrete. As everyone was making comments an making fun of my mishap I began to cry. I felt horrible. Thank goodness the camera guy had spare equipment in the news van to finish our segment. After we completed the entire segment Big Buddah the news reporter came to me and said "You did us a favor. We have been trying to get a new camera and now we have an excuse." I asked him if he was just saying that to make me feel better. He said "Yes. Is it working?" I said "A little bit." Why is it that I am so coordinated to play sports and dance but I am clumsy in everything else? I am so accident prone. I have so many bruises on my legs right now you would think I got beat up. I advise you to keep your distance and keep all breakables out of my path. We have a film crew with us and they keep making spoofs on my camera incident and cover up their camera equipment when I am near them. If you would like to see my camera incident in action please view the video below. The video features some of the work we did in Salt Lake City and toward the end is my camera mishap. I was shocked that the person that put this video together and posted it on you tube featured this portion of our time in Salt Lake. Now fortunately for me I get to relive it over and over.