NOT "America's Best Dance Crew"

My dance partner wanted to audition for "America's Best Dance Crew" a reality show dance contest that is featured on MTV. One of the shows producers found our dance group profile on MySpace and invited us to come and audition. The only problem was that we didn't have a "crew" because it has always been just the two of us. She found three guys that dance hip hop, break dance, poppin’ and krumpin’. Almost all of those dance styles I am unfamiliar with. The rehearsals for us as a "Crew" started just three weeks ago. This included very long days of dancing and driving to and from Burbank. I am hearing Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! in my head right now from all the gas that sucked that up. Anyway, this last Friday one of our members had to back out to take care of some personal business. This set back put us in a position to have to redo the routine with only one day to rehearse. My dance partner called the show to let them know we only had 4 members instead of the required 5 or more. They still wanted us to come and participate in the audition. 

The first audition was on Tuesday the 29th. There were so many "crews" from all over Southern California. Every direction you looked there were people dancing. There were film crews from television networks capturing everything. We had to go through so many interviews. My dance partner did most of the talking. I was so tired that I couldn't keep up with all of the "Swag" talking going on. Let's just say that I was out of my element. This picture below is an action shot the producers wanted of the dancers running down the sidewalk. My dance partner and I were not allowed to do it because they were concerned that we would get trampled.

We were the first "crew" to audition and we could have used more practice time. The judges comments toward me was that I need to have more confidence in my dance moves. I totally agreed with them. Like I said, this form of dancing was all new to me. To try and give you a visual of what I look like when I am krumpin’ all you need to do is picture me being attacked by bees. I took their comments as constructive criticism and was eager to practice more. The judges still invited us to come back for the main audition the next day and perform in front of the actual cameras. We jumped at the chance and were very grateful for the opportunity to give it another shot.

Wednesday's performance for the whole "crew" went so much better. Probably because we went over and over the routine before going in to impress the judges. The judges told my dance partner that she has so much confidence when she is dancing and it is seen through her facial expressions and attitude. Then we cut to Briana. I didn't get complimented on my confidence in fact it wasn't even mentioned. They said that I had this big beautiful smile throughout the routine and that I just sparkled. That could be taken as them softening their blow implying I didn't dance with confidence but I didn't take it that way at all. My "crew" kept trying to get me to give a serious/angry face while dancing. That I needed to pull anger from within me. Well I don't have any anger. No problems and no drama in my life. Therefore, all I can do is smile and hope that the judges smile back. And they did!